Friday, June 10, 2011

The Ties that Bind

Over two years ago,  I decided to start selling my jewelry at a local farmer's market.  And, I do sell some jewelry, mostly custom orders, which I think is pretty cool!  However, I got a bit more than I bargained for...some new friends.  Not just fellow vendors, but customers, and some "regulars" at the market.  They stop by my stand every week to say hello and chat a bit.  They've let me in their lives.  They share happy news, and sometimes sad news.  Lately I've been giving lots of hugs, and lending a shoulder to cry on...

One of my customers recently stopped by and asked me to fix a watch band for her...explained what she wanted, then proceeded to cry, and tell me her adult son passed away last week unexpectedly.  The watch is special to her for he had given it to her.   I let her cry, gave her hugs, and reminded her to take care of herself.  Next week, I hope she's feeling a bit better, though I realize it takes a long time to accept the loss.

Now I have a favor to ask, it's simple.  Please keep my friend in your prayers, send postive healing thoughts.
She can really use them now, and we all know how powerful prayer and positive thoughts can be.

Hugs are free,  share them abundantly!