Friday, July 2, 2010

Today's Treasure! Passion!

Today is the day to invite passion into your life,  at a bargain price!  No, I'm not talking about "settling" for anything...I'm talking about the stone carnelian!  For centuries certain stones have been attributed to certain qualities,  and the heal the wearer...Wearing carnelian may bring passion to your life!

This beautiful Carnelian bracelet, from my "Treasures for the Goddess" collection  will make you feel like a goddess...and totally spoiled!   Handcrafted sterling silver chain with the warm colors of carnelian!  At this price today, you can really afford to spoil yourself, or the goddess in your life!

What is Today's Treasure:
Each day I pick an item from my shop and mark down 35% for one day...the discount runs roughly from 10 am to 10 am the next day!  Today's Treasure is marked at the lowest price of the year!  So, check back my shop every day, for the piece of jewelry you've had your eye on, may soon be Today's Treasure!!

Wishing you a fabulous, and peace filled day!

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