Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Woodland Walk

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, and I admit, I was feeling quite antsy, so I decided to take a walk at Nolde Forest.  Of course, my camera came along with me!  Here are a few things I found!

Virginia Cowslip

This was planted in a garden near the Sawmill Area.  I checked my handy dandy Peterson's Guide to Wildflowers, and this in a Virginia Cowslip.  It's a beautiful trumpet flower, and perhaps the prettiest find of the day!

Trumpet Honeysuckle
The honeysuckles were beginning to bloom, and the fragrance was absolutely heavenly!

Waterlily Buds?
These were found in the North Pond, quite odd looking, wouldn't you say?  They look like tiny green hippos!  I'm thinking perhaps they are waterlilies before they open, there was one nearby.  I'll have to go back soon and see what these become!  Stay tuned!
Mayapple flower

This a a Mayapple flower.  the top leaf is huge, and the flower is present under the leaf.   I was so happy I finally found these in flower!

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