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Pixe's Picks March 5, 2009

Good morning everyone! Welcome to this week's Pixe's Picks! This is the place to find some of the coolest Etsy artists! This week I'm featuring Jenny0063 and AJDesignjewelry! Take a peek at their shops and see what great finds they have to offer!

First up in Jenny0063, who specializes in making rustic decor using standing dead trees and driftwood found in her area.

This is how Jenny tells me she got started in her craft: I grew up in northern minnesota, so I have always had a passion for the outdoors. My uncle was quite the craftsman, he built log homes and log furniture as his livelyhood. I would spend summer breaks at his lake home and admire his work, as I got older 15ish, I would actually help him out with peeling logs, sanding, etc... I absolutely loved the idea of transforming a tree into something so beautiful. I am now 28 so 13 years I have been at it.

This is how Jenny happened upon Etsy, and chose it for her shop: I first heard of etsy on a daytime talk show, so I looked into it. When I saw how many etsians are eco friendly, I knew that etsy would be a great place for me and my work. I am a full time school teacher 2nd grade as well, so I am unable to keep as many items in my shop as others do.

Jenny's favorite item is the brazilian agate log coffee table, it combines nature and man made products into a wonderful work of art.

Pixe's Picks: Jenny has a great, rustic shop! My favorite piece is the Log Candle Holder. It looks like a wall from a log home, and I think it would look great in a fireplace, or on my bookcase!! :) Her work is so nice, I just wish she had more in her store!


Now let me introduce you to Amy Jo, of AJDesignsJewelry!

Amy Jo tells me she has been crafting for quite a long time: About 15 years off and on, I was always just doing it to enjoy life. (Making jewelry and painting are like my therapy.. stressfull day at work, more jewelry I make when I get home) I got my license about 8 years ago and haven't looked back.

This is how she got her start in jewelry making:

I'm a small girl, but I like big jewelry. I never saw anything that appealed to me that was large, but not gaudy. I decided to start making things for myself and then friends wanted pieces, and one day a lady bought my necklace off me in line for coffee at Starbucks. I decided I should give it a shot and I love it.

This is why AmyJo chose Etsy as her selling platform: I LOVE the fact that you can find handmade items all in one place. I have done shows were they put your booth right next to an importer who is selling things at like 80% lower than yours, simply because they have people making their jewelry in another country. I support the smaller artisans who do it for the love of the craft, not simply to make money. I'm very happy to be part of that.

Amy Jo's favorite piece from her shop? My favorite item is "Its Raining Opals" I just can't stop staring at it. It took me hours to get the loops and wiring just right. I cried when someone bought the first one I made. That's the pic above!

Pixe's Pick: Amy Jo has so many great pieces of jewelry to choose from, finding a fave is very difficult! I really like this Waterfalls pendant for the soft blues, and I can actually picture a waterfall...the stones at the top of the pendant the little ripples in the stream, the large briolettes, the waves crashing at the bottom! Calming and exhilerating at the same time!!
These are Pixe's Picks for this week! Please be sure to leave a comment for these wonderfully, talented artists! They would love to hear what you have to say!
Wishing you all a wonderful, peaceful, and creative week!

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These are really beautiful designs, thanks for sharing.