Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Stone of Rainbows: Tourmaline

 I've had a love affair with rocks and minerals ever since I've been a child! Tourmaline has always been one of my favorite stones...I love all the colors, and I especially love the shape of a naturally occurring crystal. Tourmaline is said to be the stone of the rainbow. It was believed by ancient Egyptians that a rainbow passed deep through the earth when the tourmaline was forming...


                                         Orange tourmaline is thought to foster and enhance creativity
                                               Pink tourmaline is thought to promote joy and love.
     Violet tourmaline is thought to provide protection against dark forces.

Green Tourmaline is thought to promote compassion towards yourself.
I design my signature stud earrings by wrapping 6mm round tourmaline beads in sterling silver, and ending with a tiny swirl!   These stones are African Tourmaline.

My tourmaline earrings are perfect for everyday wear, or for adding a bit of color when you're wearing that little black dress!
These are my newest addition to Pixe's Treasure Chest!

Wishing you a fabulous, and peace filled day!

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