Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pixe's Pick!!

Hi everyone! Welcome to today's Pixe's Pick! This is the place where the really cool and talented Etsy artists are showcased! Please feel free to leave a comment...The artist loves to hear your thoughts!

Today, I'm featuring Ann, from Dreamspiralart. Ann's specialty is metal and enamel jewelry!

I asked Ann how she got started in her craft: My love affair with metals was totally accidental. It happened during college in my third year. I had already switched majors several times from pre-med to nursing to undeclared, so I was exploring classes of interest to find a good fit. An advisor recommended that I take a class in metalsmithing/jewelry-making. That sounded cool – I had never worked with metal before. Two weeks in and I was hooked. I changed majors with a new found resolve: I was going to study the arts and become a working artist. I realized I had wanted to do this all along, but had dissuaded myself from pursuing it since it seemed ‘impractical’.
So here I am, ten years later, still doing what I love… and still being ‘practical’ (I haven’t given up my part-time day job yet, but I move closer to this goal with each passing year). I’ve finally found a balance that works for me.

This is why Ann chose Etsy as her selling platform: A friend told me about Etsy and encouraged me to open up a shop. She sells her work at:

Of course, I wanted to know Ann's favorite item from her shop:
I love the “Captured Collection”! It is my newest collection. have always been attracted to the plethora of color, texture, and pattern that is nature's canvas. I often bring plastic bags with me for long walks in the woods (and not because I have a dog), rather, I like to collect the random bits of nature that inspire my creative work. It wasn't until recently that I discovered how to incorporate these materials into my metal jewelry, in the "Captured Collection." The "Captured Collection" explores the human need to make timeless the treasures in life that bring us joy. All things organic are in a constant state of change. By sealing these found materials in a clear epoxy resin, I am able to suspend them in time. By becoming a wearable object set in precious metal, each bit of bark, tiny flower petal, or autumn leaf is viewed in a new light that can be shared with a broader audience.

Pixe's Pick: Being the nature lover that I am, I'm sure you've all figured out that Ann's favorite is also my favorite collection. However, I want to show what other tricks she has up her sleeve, So I'm proclaiming this as my favorite: Recycled Retangle Bits and Double Spiral Link Bracelet. I love the texture of this bracelet, and the swirls (I've been known to use a swirl or two in my designs), and I really like the fact that she has found a way to reuse her bench scraps! Either way, it's a gorgeous bracelet!

Take a few minutes to visit Dreamspiralart, and see what wonderful pieces of jewelry Ann has to offer!
Wishing you all a peaceful and wonderful day!

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Audrey said...

WOW!! I love metal, the whole look of it. She has amazing items in her shop too.