Friday, June 11, 2010

Today's Treasure Friday June 11

Calling all bargain huntin jewelry lovers!  Every day an item from Pixe's Treasure Chest is featured at the best price of year as Today's Treasure!  Check my Etsy shop daily, or check back here to view the Treasure of the Day!  Treasures are posted daily by noon.

I'm going to keep the theme of jewelry featuring handcrafted links going!  The featured bracelet today has a bit of an Asian flair with the cloinsonne beads.  Cloisonne is an ancient decorative process that involves creating a design on the object with twisted wire, and filling in with gemstones, or in the case of beads, with enamel.  This intricate process produces gorgeous beads!

There are very few Sterling Silver and Cloisonne bracelets to chose from on Etsy, and this is certainly a one of a kind piece!

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