Monday, June 21, 2010

Today's Treasure! Monday June 21

Dear Bargain Hunters,
I have a great find for you today from my shop!  I live near an area famous for it's antique shopping, and I've always loved browsing the shops!  I'm especially drawn to glass items, especially the colored sandwich glass,  and cobalt glass has always been a favorite of mine!  For me, these earrings invoke that sense of adventure I feel when I'm trolling around the antique shops,  hoping to find that special treasure that calls to me...

These earrings have lots of sterling silver which accent the dark blue cobalt flowers beautifully!  A fire opal Swarovski crystal provides a splash of color and a bit of sparkle!

I've photographed these earrings with and antique sherbet glass from my collection!

Feel free to click on the above link for more information, or to purchase these earrings!
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