Friday, June 18, 2010

Today's Treasure! Friday June 18

I know there are lots of you who love jewelry, and love a bargain!  Everyday I put one piece from Pixe's Treasure Chest on sale at the lowest price of the year!  Check back daily to see if your favorite piece is on sale!

I'm continuing to feature jewelry with handcrafted links,  and  Today's Treasure is no exception!  This piece  is designed using handcrafted copper figure 8 swirl links and chunky diamond shaped black onyx beads.  Yes, this bracelet is a bit bolder than I usually do,  I have strayed slightly from making delicate appearing jewelry!

These are my favorite links to make, and I seem to making a lot of them lately!  I find making these really helps relieve stress, and I'm able to turn off my brain while I focus on these.  I design these links so there are no edges to touch the skin, and that's one of the things that makes these so special.

For centuries, many stones have been thought to heal, or add personal attributes and protection to our lives. Black onyx is a highly protective stone: it is thought to protect us from negativity. Wearing copper may be healing and bring good luck! Metaphysically speaking, this is a powerful bracelet!

Wishing you a wonderful, and peace filled day!

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