Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Waiting for a Sign!

No, I'm not waiting for a sign from God, or anything like that...I'm waiting for a more physical sign!  Like one I ordered!  I've been at the Leesport Farmer's Market for one year now, and a couple weeks ago, the owner approached me about getting a sign to hang in front of the building I'm in.  So, it has been ordered!  I am anxiously awaiting!

Yep, today is Market Wednesday!  The day I spend at the Leesport Farmer's Market is Leesport, PA!  I sit and listen to the banter between the butcher and the deli workers....and quietly giggle.  The candy lady in front of me is always tempting me with cherry slices, I swear she puts them out there just so I drool all day!  (She knows those are my favorite!)  The woman behind me who sells candy making supplies now directs me to put my leg up when I don't have customers (I'm recovering from a bout of cellulitis in my leg).  It's been a great year;  I've made some new friends,  have awesome customers, and love going to work!

It's been a great year!  Will today be the day my sign is here?

P.S.  If you are local, you can find me in building #1, where the fish stand is!

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