Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today's Treasure! Saturday, June 12

Calling all bargain huntin jewelry lovers! Every day an item from Pixe's Treasure Chest is featured at the best price of year as Today's Treasure! Check my Etsy shop daily, or check back here to view the Treasure of the Day! Treasures are posted daily by noon.

In keeping with the handcrafted link theme, this bracelet also features handcrafted chain, and is part of the "Treasures of the Goddess" collection.

Copper has been used in jewelry for over 10,000 years, and the reddish glow to copper is still popular today!   Copper gives a warm, earthy feel to jewelry, and it's one of my favorite metals!

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CottageRose Creations said...

I love this necklace! Very earthy and natural.