Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today's Treasure! Tuesday June 8

Welcome to Today's Treasure!  Every day I offer one special Treasure from my Etsy Shop at a special price!

Today's Treasure is one of my favorites, and was created in honor of my Grammy, who I feel is always watching over my shoulder.
Grammy taught me many life lessons.  I can remember being in high school, and she would she tell me "Michele, learn to depend on yourself.  You cannot expect to rely on anyone but yourself."  She taught me that it was okay to follow the beat of your own drum...For me, these were  the most important lessons she taught me! 
We also had some really fun times...we had our own special song that we made up, and would always sing it...On Saturdays we would watch old horror movies, and she would give me a small glass of beer!  I used to love that!
I also followed  Grammy's footsteps in my career choice by becoming an R.N.

So why is this necklace so special to me?  My favorite room in my Grammy's house was the kitchen, which was pink and green!  I always thought it was bold! 
The Green Aventurine and Pink Lepidolite Necklace is a beautifully bold necklace that would make a great addition to your collection!  The colors are bold, the beads are bold, and would be fantastic with your summer wardrobe!  Get this fabulous necklace at the best price of year today only!

Thanks for dropping by!
Wishing you a wonderful and peace filled day!

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