Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today's Treasure! Symbol of Change

Dear Bargain Hunters,
I have a gorgeous pair of earrings for you today!  These flighty butterflies are under $10, and are the lowest price of the year!  Catch em while you can!

Butterflies of symbolic of change,  rebirth, and transformation, as they go through changes throughout their life cycle, much like  we do.  We may not make such drastic physical changes as the butterfly does, however,  throughout our life cycle, we may make physical changes, spiritual changes, personal changes, either subtle or dramatic,  that affect our lives.   Perhaps sometimes we are afraid to make changes, and need to seek encouragement.

These butterfly earrings may serve as a reminder to give you the courage to make a change you sorely need, or show the world you have transformed something in your life;  you may want to wear these to celebrate your change, or wear as a reminder that change is good.   The butterfly could be a new and welcome personal symbol for you, or it may already be.  What changes do you see on your horizon, or have already tackled?

What is Today's Treasure?

Each day I offer a different item from my shop, Pixe's Treasure Chest, at the lowest price of the year...marked down 35%! Many items include Free Shipping Worldwide! Check back daily...that piece of jewelry you've been longing for may be Today's Treasure one day soon!

Wishing you a fabulous and peace filled day!

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